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Areas of Expertise

Brain Health Optimisation

Diet and lifestyle can have a profound impact on brain health.  I work with you to identify and address root causes of brain health related symptoms such as anxiety, low mood, migraine, and poor sleep. I have a special interest in supporting people living with epilepsy.  Complementing your existing medical care, nutrition and lifestyle adjustments can optimise brain health, help reduce medication side-effects. 

Cancer Support

I provide personalised and targeted nutrition and lifestyle advice to support clients at any stage of a cancer diagnosis: 

  • Pre-habilitation support before surgery or chemotherapy to optimise treatment tolerance and recovery

  • Support to help with side effects of treatment

  • Post treatment support after surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy

  • Support to reduce the risk of recurrence

  • Support during ongoing treatment and emotional wellbeing when living with metastatic cancer.

Female Hormone Balance

Do you have heavy, painful periods? Is your cycle irregular? Are you struggling to get to sleep, or waking up at the same time every night, unable to get back to sleep? Maybe you have low mood, anxiety, or are weepy one minute then blowing up in a rage the next? These are all symptoms of the roller-coaster ride of hormone imbalance.  I support women of all ages to learn how to work with the natural rhythm of their menstrual cycle, optimise their hormones and feel balanced, energised and vibrant.       

My Approach

At the heart of my practice is Functional Medicine. I am looking for the root causes of health issues, not merely symptom management.  This approach assesses nutritional status, environmental factors, exercise pattern, sleep efficiency and stress management to identify and address biochemical imbalances.  


You are at the centre of the process. Not your symptoms or a part of your body.  Your marvellous, amazing complicated body is a fantastic miracle that works in the most exquisite way, constantly interacting with the world around you.  The food you eat is literally information for your cells. When we look holistically we begin to see what you can add to your life and what you can release to create an environment for you to flourish.  ​

The analogy I like to use with my clients is this... you are going on a journey. You decide the destination.  I read the map to help you navigate your journey. My knowledge, skills, coaching and support give you the actionable information and strategies you need to successfully reach your destination.  I walk you through what you need to do so you can take those steps with the reassurance that if there are any tricky bits along the way, we'll tackle them together to find new solutions.  These little steps lead to big results and I promise that when you reach your destination it will be worth it.

To see real results, it's best to give your body time to heal, so a typical nutritional therapy programme is around 3-months

The Process:

  • An initial 90 minute consultationWe'll have a thorough chat about your health goals, health history, what you typically eat, your foodie likes and importantly dislikes (I won't insist you eat food you hate!),and your lifestyle.  We will discuss any diagnostic tests that may wish to order.

  • Follow-up appointment 1.  We'll meet again to go through your plan together, so you understand what you'll be doing and how it is going to support your health.  I want you to be 100% happy with your plan and look forward to following it.  There is always room for negotiation.  If there is anything you think you can't manage, don't worry we can tweak the plan.  If you've ordered any tests, we'll go through the results together. 

  • Follow-up appointment 2. We'll talk about how you're getting on and we can add to your programme if we need to, depending on the complexity of your case.


Further appointments can be arranged depending on need. 

Please contact me to book in your initial consultation.

I do not diagnose or treat any disease. I aim to work alongside your doctor, medical team and other healthcare professionals, with your consent, as I believe an integrated approach to healthcare supports best practice and clinical outcomes. 



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My Approach
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